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Everyone wants and should have a smile that they love and want to show off. Your smile is usually one of the first things other people notice about you. It’s understandable why you would want to make a good impression with a beautiful smile. Over the years, dental professionals have learned how beneficial injectables can be for improving the appearance and functionality of your smile. As a result, we now have several effective injectable treatment solutions for healthy and beautiful smiles.

Traditionally, injectables have been used for cosmetic purposes, such as diminishing wrinkles. But now, these injectables have made their way into the dental industry and provide patients with a variety of benefits. Dentists all over the country are now using this treatment, including us.

What are Injectables in Dentistry?

Injectables are proteins that block the nerve signals around the injection site and are effective at relaxing muscles. These treatments are temporary and must be redone on a regular basis to maintain the benefits of these treatments. We use these injectables in a variety of situations to help improve our patients’ smiles.

Injectables Can Be Beneficial

Injectables used to improve dental health provide a non-invasive solution to many different issues, such as:

  • High lip lines
  • Asymmetrical smile
  • Mouth pain
  • TMJ pain
  • Grinding teeth

While these treatments work for some, they aren’t the best choice for everybody, which is why our experts will determine if you are a good candidate and recommend the use of injectables for your dental treatment.

Most of our injectable treatments are quick and easy, and can last up to 6 months before requiring another treatment.

Contact Us For Injectable Treatments Today

Injectables for dental treatments are becoming more and more common. That being said, a lot of dental offices around are offering similar treatments. With procedures such as these, it is crucial to find an expert who you know will do an excellent job and give you the best results possible.

At Covington Dental, we are a one-stop-shop for everything dental. Your life can be made easier by coming to our office for all of your dental needs. Our professionals are experienced in knowing what situations will best benefit from injections. We keep our patient’s best interest in mind and do everything we can to provide the best treatment possible.  If you are experiencing problems with your mouth or want to enhance your smile, we recommend giving our team of qualified specialists a call Covington Dental Arts & Wellness in Riverton, UT today!